How Did Crusoe Graphics Come About?

Back in 2001, after working several years in the mapping and desktop publishing business, I saw a need to provide mapping services to authors published by trade and academic presses. Many authors needed a few maps for their book, and didn't know where to look to have them made. Some of the publishers had lists of mapmakers to contact, but many did not. Many authors were "on their own" when it came to the search, and had to contact large graphics and mapping firms. Although many of these firms provide excellent products, they generally charged more than many authors could afford, or they weren't interested in taking on small projects.

So if you've arrived at this website, your search is over. Crusoe Graphics is all about providing quality mapping and desktop publishing solutions, with personal attention at a reasonable price. My focus is on the book-sized project, and I'm willing to take on a project as small as one map, and as large as however many you need.